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welcome to the new saints website!

Carol  ·  May 19, 2014

we will be updating content and tweeking a few changes over the next few weeks but at least we now have the bones of the new site in place and the rest will just take some time (and energy!)

zander met his new perspective family today. they will be up again for a few walks and one on one time so zander feels comfortable before he moves in with them.

i am so utterly pissed off at the weather person who posted on the weather network rain every hour on the hour starting 6 am friday morning right thru until sunday. that was plenty of rain to deal with my thursday night fertilizing attempt. but the reality became hardly any rain at all and now my new baby grass is sadly dying. pretty damn bad when whoever it was couldn't even marginally accurately predict the weather a mere 12 hours away.

i am sooooo frustrated by the apparently cursed grass growth of 2014!!

thank you so much lynne for watching the guys in general and tess in particular until i got home from work. added bonus...., she even helped me put the barn guys to bed..big yay for lynne!

i cheaped out on the mp guys leash walks..just took puff and oliver 3..too hard to walk 4 by myself and i was too tired to go for a second round.. pepper and oliver2 will just have to suck it up. pretty sure pep got a walk earlier with jenn and derek and oliver 2 would have been out to the barn for a good chunk of the day.

luna really is (slowly) starting to turn into a very good dog. since i can't stop her from jumping the fences and joining me out in the barnyards, i just make sure she knows how to behave out there. she is doing quite well, learning the ropes and my expectations quickly...she is a super smart little girl!

no real updates..everyone is pretty good.


HUGE THANKS to all of the weekend warriors that stretched themselves to cover all three long weekend guys rock!!!


Lenore Henry

Thanks for the update on Tess. Hopefully she will gain her strength back soon - she is such a sweet dog.


no further seizure activity lenore but the phenobarb is sedating her and further compromising her mobility. i worked out a plan with the staff to get her out in the yard 3x a day to toddle around on her own for a few minutes as it is the easiest surface for her to walk on but she will have to be carried in and out as she doesn't have the stamina to keep her feet under her to get in and out AND THEN toddle around and i don't want her slipping or falling or getting over tired so we will carry her in and out for now. hopefully once she gets used to the phenobarb dose, her stamina improves.


helga...we can bring down a couple of the pop up tents to set up just in case if that helps.


First yard sale of the year (there will be two) is June 7 unless rain is imminent. We'll have hundreds of items outside and can't possibly get them under cover if it starts pouring.


I am crossing all fingers that we get an accurate forecast before the yard sale date. Hoping for dry in this case. The thought of getting a set-up crew working like beavers to haul everything ( there is tons of stuff) outside and then being faced with trying to get it all back in if it rains is scary.


I must say I was particularly thrilled to see Mr. Zig-a-licious as the first SAINT in your new banner! Donkeys rock!