Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  May 23, 2014

tess passed gently away..renee erin and i were with her. lynne came up and gave her treats and cuddles this morning too. such a good girl, such a big loss...tess...we are all going to really miss you.

dixie went home on a trial with johanna..we will see how she makes out with the sweet little chi trio.

zander is enjoying the daily time with his soon to be new foster mom. he will most likely make the final move on tuesday.

nugget is temporarily in the medical room. please no one try to go in with him...he is not a very nice rooster..i will take care of him this weekend until he gets moved back to the chicken yards.

gerty got a massive face shave at the vets...i was tired of getting dripped on by her soggy face. she had to be sedated because she is a total freak out...and she is somewhat pissed by the whole adventure so i suggest folks don't try to pick her up for a few days.

i think thats it for todays stuff.


Lenore Henry

I am very sorry Carol and everyone at Saints who lost a gentle soul today - rest in peace sweet Tess.

lynne arnason

im glad i got to spend some time with tess. she was such a sweetheart. rip pretty girl.