Rescue Journal

deaths door

Carol  ·  May 26, 2014

princess went into permanent foster care with lynne yesterday, zander goes to his new foster home today.

there is mournful emptiness permeating the kitchen...not just for the humans, but also for benny and squirt.

and with odie's passing, he joins the legends of saints.

legends are great but loving the living was better.

we just don't think about how fragile and precious is life. as far as animals are concerned...we take their lives for granted. which is why we can abuse, neglect, mutate, exploit and finally discard them without a second blink of our eyes.
and we just don't get this...we as a species are still barbarians. we just use ipods, cell phones and nice clothes to trick ourselves into thinking we are further up the evolutionary ladder.
technologically advanced yet morally corrupt.

at least odie was honest...he never lied, he never blamed..he just was who he was.

missing him, missing tess, missing preacher...missing so many.

it sucks living right next to deaths front door.


Susan H

Oh no... I'm so sorry. Tess was my favourite, and I always looked forward to hearing how she is. I only met her once, but she was a big reason why I am a monthly donor... Rest in peace sweet angels Tess and beautiful Odie....

Carol A.

I just read the news about Odie, and walked in my heart and memories my last car ride with Buds, my treasured, 18 year old border collie. It broke my heart all over again. Thinking of you Carol, and sharing your pain.

Sending you lots and lots of hugs.

another Doreen

Carol, I hope you can take a little comfort if you think that without you and SAINTS, they probably would have passed through that door much sooner. And without experiencing the love and joy of living that you all allowed them!