Rescue Journal

another sad saints day

Carol  ·  May 28, 2014

dionne and carol ann lost their greatly loved long term saints foster. harold today. i am pretty sure it was harold that started the dogs eating the walls and woodwork around here! i can still see him laying in the kitchen door way gnawing away on the trim! but harold was a really good dog and he was so very happy to spend the last 3 1/2 years of his life in a great home who a family who loved him to bits. i am sorry, i can't find a photo of harold on this new site, he was a beautiful old boy.
rip harold and big hugs to dionne and carol ann for the loss of their dear friend.

harold 3

we also lost our beloved cliff. he suddenly crashed and in the blink of an eye lost his long battle with feline leukemia. he was rushed into the vets and gently helped to pass away in peace.
cliff was quite the character and the rabbit and medical rooms are going to be so empty without him. mama t is really going to miss her last felv friend.
rip cliff, you were a very great cat and deeply loved by all.



Susan H

So many losses... I'm so sorry Carol Ann and Dionne. How wonderful that you gave him over 3 years of bliss... My heart is with you. Cliff, you were a beautiful boy. I'm sorry to the Saints family that you're gone...

lynne arnason

i am so so sorry carol ann and dionne he was a great boy i was so happy when u took him home rip harold and i am also so sorry about cliff.

Carol Ann

Oh Harold, my beautiful big boy. Always right behind me. Never wanted to be alone, and never was. Either Dionne or myself was here with him. He was always gentle and tolerant of all the dogs that came after him. He leaves a big empty hole in our hearts and our house. Rest in Peace our prince.

Debra in Malaysia

Rip Cliff. You were such a sweetheart. Really hoped to isit you next month when I am back.


Heads up house volunteers: I am back from Ontario, but unfortunately have to work this weekend now, since I have other staff away. Very sorry... really wanted to be there Sunday..(That's why I 'm not on the schedule)


I never met Harold but I'm so sorry for his loss.. especially sorry for those who loved him.

Cliff.. such a shock! I'll miss his hiding in the box games and chasing the feather. He was my favorite cat. RIP Cliff

shelagh f

so sorry Dionne, you have lost them both. Cliff was a really nice cat and
always loved to be patted. the rabbit area will not be the same without him


Big hugs to Carol Ann and Dionne I know you will be heartbroken Harold was such a sweetie. Sweet dreams........... Harold and Cliff.


Cliff was such a special cat, who demanded love and attention. He was a larger than life personality. I can't imagine the rabbit room/medical room without him, it will seem so empty. Everyone who spent time with, him fell in love with him. Sweet, funny Cliff, so sad you finally lost your battle, but you lived life to the fullest. I hope you're doing zoomies across the Rainbow Bridge, lovely boy - you will be missed so much. And so sorry Dionne & Carol Ann at the loss of Harold - I didn't know him, but I'm sure he was much loved and will leave an empty spot in your hearts..


Cliffy he was my boy i love love loved him.. he was always there inspecting everything you did at every moment and living life to the fullest.
He was always wanting pets and love and would head butt you or sit in the middle of what you were doing to stop you to say he was here and pet me now lol.. ..

We always had time for our cliff no matter what we were doing.. He was so sweet and such a loving cat ..

He looked so wonderful after his teeth were pulled and his fur came back so nicely .. what a truly beautiful cat he really was .

I say this with sadness in my heart and tears in my eyes.

Goodbye my sweet cliffster.. I love and will miss you RIP my little zoomer..

I am also sorry to hear about Harold he looks like such a lovely boy.. rip as well Harold.


So sorry, Dionne and Ann. And I can't believe Cliff is gone. He looked fine on Sunday - maybe not quite his zoomie self but not sick.


Really sorry Carol Ann and Dionne - I remember Harold, and I agree with Laura - can it really be that long ago that he went home with you guys? Amazing... He was a sweet boy.


I didn't know Harold but, I will miss Cliffy on Sundays. He was a cool little character. Hope you have as much fun in your next life Cliff


So sorry carol ann and Dionne, Harold was such a nice boy. Pretty sure it was him that ate the hole through the foyer wasn't it? And cliff, jeez. Mo, what is it you say? Close the door behind you? Too many, too soon.

laura b

Awe Harold….he was such a great dog…so hard to believe it as been 31/2 yrs since he joined your gang…hugs to you both.