Rescue Journal

it was a good day.

Carol  ·  May 31, 2014

three funnies first thing this morning when i had the dogs out for their first pee.

one eyed cone headed sparky chasing luna around the mom, the mini furry pissed off monster is going to get me!

me eating toast and robbie's frantic facial expression in the middle of a poop when he noticed i was eating toast and he was too busy to get closer to me.

and...salty methodically burying his special piece of toast...taking a good 15 or 20 minutes to bury it perfectly. as soon as he was satisfied his toast was safe he walked away and jake swooped in and ate it.

these guys are too funny.

reggie's mom stopped by to let us know that reggie had recently passed away (rip were quite the dog and i am so glad you found so good of a home to finish your life in!) dorothy was hoping we had an other good senior friend for her and i think we did...she took salty on trial to his (hopefully) new and forever home where his toast will always be safe. fingers crossed for a great match for dorothy and salty!

fluke (saints foster dog) popped by for a visit. he is looking good but like the rest of us, is getting pretty old now too. fluke is such a very good dog.

great folks around here today spending their weekend caregiving our saints!


Cathie K

Carol..Off topic..The blog goes all the way to the left on my screen..Like I'm missing all the first letters.. Plus all the right hand side is only half there... May your web mistress do anything about this.. The lady did ask about glitches.....Then again it might be Johns' problem....Cathie K


Reggie just needed his own person. He was quiet when he sat on your lap and you petted him. And he had that these last few years. R.I.P. Reggie

Barb H

Loved this post, your smile seems to have made it all the way to your fingers. I do appreciate the tougher posts that don't sugarcoat your life at SAINTS, but it is nice to 'hear' the joy you experience too. There has been a lot of loss around the property lately, so I am pleased you had a good day.


I'm so sorry about Reggie, but he had an amazing home. But I am thrilled for Salty, as he is one of my favourite animals at Saints. Love that little man!!


do you mean reggie as in screaming reggie? Wasn't that his specialty? :(
So happy that Salty might have a new home though, he is so adorable.