Rescue Journal

pre-open house job list

Carol  ·  Jun. 2, 2014

all yards/gardens/and driveways weed pulling and clean ups
transport metal pile to salvage ( i think i might try to hire this one they usually won't charge for pick up if they can keep the proceeds.)
multiple dump runs as areas get de-junked
wash all inside/and outside windows of shop/house and mp building
deep clean and de-junk shop including bathroom and suite
spot wash all walls in mp building, house..esp. rabbit area
organize all linen shelves in each building
de-junk all areas house/mp
paint the reno'd cat run
paint mp building and house front doors
plant those tubs of bushes in the driveway left over from last year that never got planted..can't believe the poor things are still alive...we are guilty of plant abuse!!!

i have taken off the week before the open house to try to get ready and any help on paring down this list will be greatly appreciated.


lynne arnason

i thought we were going to get a dumpster t o fill up and be hauled away.

shelagh f

as far as the azaleas down the driveway, last year we got a steal on them,
tried to dig holes to plant them and decided on pots. Other than a direct
nuclear attack, with all the cedar roots and the plastic under the dirt and
the fact the soil is like cement, we were unable to dig a hole even an
inch deep. I can add more dirt to the pots and fertilize or plant them somewhere
else, but that is the reason for the abuse. Maybe a pick ax, but that is
beyond my bodies skill level.