Rescue Journal

the rescue hourglass

Carol  ·  Jun. 2, 2014

man, i am tired today and i have to work an afternoon shift which totally sucks. the dogs woke me up more than i can even count...they all had super hearing with super over reactions for some reason. sleep disrupting donuts.

and while i was contemplating how tired i am, i was also contemplating the past 10 years because 2014 is our 10th it has sped by in the blink of my eye and yet it also seems like i have been in the middle of this forever.


i don't even know how to sort this all into some kind of understandable context...spritely, gideon, tyra, cole, bill, frodo, marilla....crazy horse, ,brad pitt, lunatic and chewie-chew-bugger, the violent, head bashing goat? there were probably thousands of visitors, hundreds of current and past come and gone volunteers...the constant reno's changes and improvements, there were physical, mental, political and emotional crises that should have buried us is a whole rescue universe of evolution that went on around here during the past 10 years.

even more weird when i think about it.

i have been wrong so many times in the past decade and i have been right even more times than that..i have learned an entire encyclopedia full about animals AND people in rescue and have probably unlearned or forgotten twice as much as that. it has been quite the never ending journey that just goes on and least for a while. i might have another 10 years in me but at some point in the future i will need to step down. now that will feel really weird..what will i do with myself??

oh freaking well. i can sit around here and think about the past 10 years or drive myself crazy trying to anticipate the next 10.

or i can concentrate on thinking about today.

lola looks uncomfortable. i am upping her pain meds again.


sparky is off and not his usual self, erin will see how he is once his morning meds have kicked in.

incontinent tina smells like urine and needs a bath,


tigger is vomitting almost every day now..i think his kidneys are close to packing it in.

molly cannot follow me every step that i go..

and marin while doing much better than i anticipated, still sometimes looks really sad....

and finally vern is almost finished the new permanent pig spas and i can't wait to get them finished and filled with water for them to lie around in before the really hot weather hits.

AND...i guess i better get ready for work..looks like it is getting close to that time again.