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quick updates

Carol  ·  Jun. 3, 2014

i was very pleased to see marin wagging her tail when i got home last night...she was happy! now to be honest, she probably wasn't exactly happy to see me..she was more likely happy because the other dogs were happy to see me. to positive thinkers and those with an open frame of mind...happiness is contagious.
anyway..marin was happy for whatever reason and that made me happy..i am not immune to contagious happiness either!!

i SO totally screwed up today! i was really worried about how the sheep shearing would go because elizabeth and baby are so arthritic and frail. i rushed home as quick as i could hoping to catch the end of the shearing so i could see how well they managed with it. it wasn't until i was well into mission that suddenly i remembered...SHIT! i forgot to pick up sparky from our maple ridge vet!!! it was too late to go back for him to get there before closing so i had to call and ask if he could spend the night..thank gawd they said yes!! anyway..he is in because his good eye (which really wasn't that good anyway) suddenly went bad. the vet is going to run some more tests on him tomorrow to see if she can find the underlying cause of his bad eyes. on a good note, the eye that we surgically removed last week is looking pretty good.


i had booked lola's euthanization appointment for thursday but i cancelled it today. she is much more comfortable with the increase in pain meds so we can go back to carefully watching her and waiting again.

well..i am watering the not growing very well grass (altho maybe now it will grow because kevin has spread a ton of peat moss for me on his off time...yay kevin!)...anyway... 15 minutes only for each spot so i don't waste too much water. it means moving the sprinkler 7 times tho which totally sucks when after a stressful day at work i really just want to hang out and do nothing.
oh freaking well..I. MUST. HAVE. GRASS!
and i guess I better switch it around again..besides it is time for feeding and meds.


another Doreen

Yay Marin, any kind of happy is probably a big improvement from where she was just a few days ago!
Happy and feeling safe is contagious!