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Justice for the Chilliwack Dairy Cows

Carol  ·  Jun. 10, 2014

20 miles from here a herd of dairy cows whose enslaved lives provide milk to the masses and which fund the paycheques of the farm employees, put a roof over the farmer's family heads, put food on the farmer's table and clothes on the backs of his kids are kicked, hung and beaten in horrific abuse.
If the employees beat and bashed the farmer's tractors, trucks and farm equipment the way they bashed and beat his cows, they would have been fired long ago.

Here is the one bashes equipment. it is too expensive to replace and there is no surge of personal power in abusing machines because machinery cannot feel fear or pain.

But cows can.

This is not just a case of animal abuse, this is a case of total and violent contempt for a powerless species that has no choice, no options but to endure human abuse.

And we let it happen, every day of their agonized lives..millions and millions of times.

Think we have no power to change what is happening so close to home?

Tell Dairyland you will never...EVER... buy any of their products until they guarantee that ALL of their dairy products come only from SPCA certified Cruelty Free Dairy Farms.
Now is the time to change the present, now is the time to change the future for animals more helpless than we. Please do not let them suffer in vain.

(If you haven't watched the it. If those poor cows must suffer it, we can be the witness to their needless suffering and their advocates for compassionate change. There is a petition you can sign underneath the video. Here is the email contact info for Dairyland, send them an email

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Sadly, this is not the exception as many would like to believe. This is the day-in, day-out business of treating animals as commodities. There can be no cruelty-free dairy production as cows must have babies to provide milk and they cannot be allowed to give their milk to their own baby since humans want it. So the baby must be taken away at only a few hours of age...surely every mother can imagine how horrendous that must be. And then what is done with the male calves? Even small dairy farms send them to be slaughtered for veal and the dairy cows go to be slaughtered for hamburger before their natural lives end. If you would like to purchase from a smaller dairy operation please ask them if they allow the cows to live out their 20-25 years of natural life and ask them what happens to all the calves and then follow up to see if they are telling you the truth. I have a friend who told me his uncle runs a cruelty-free small dairy operation in Ontario and when I asked him what happens to the calves who are simply "by-products" of the milk industry he paused and said, "OK...I guess it's not cruelty-free."


Everyone us passing the buck and claiming there is nothing that they can do.

Saputo/Dairyland says they gave no say as to who they buy milk from as it is dictated by the bcmmb.

The farmers vets say it is the cows who are aggressive - though not once did she kick back at the worker whipping her with the cane.

The farmer claims he knows nothing and that is not part of the training.

Let's just hope the court system will not let them down.
Sadly the cues we see in the video most likely are already spent & sent off the slaughter.

Things won't get better for these poor critters until we quit enslaving them for our wants.

Ann sotres

Change .org has a petition circulating! Please sign it! You can also call Saputo at 1 800 672 8866 and tell them you are going to boycott their products!!!


The sad part is that this is not the only place abusing these animals, it's a place that was caught. There has been quite a few under cover operations in the US that have been caught abusing all kinds of animals, chickens, cows, pigs, turkeys etc. on tape but some states are now trying to outlaw the hidden cameras. WTH?? Makes me so angry.


the biggest horror for those poor fools is only that they will lose their job.......our animals that disposable and usable to deserve only that disrespect. I think not, they are living breathing lives and they deserve more.......those idiots deserve more, they should suffer as those they hurt have.

Irma ellis

Poor animals....bless them, pray for them......

If everyone refused to purchase Dairyland on their next shop, would the corporation feel similar pain?
Ps this is a happy, well-treated milk cow blowin a kiss

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Tannis Kokotilo

Oops sorry you can delete that link didnt work but just go to utube and type in or on google search gary yourofsky the best speech you ever heard...

Tannis Kokotilo

And one more link I met to add, very good listen, and watch about veganism

Tannis Kokotilo

Just to add this is amust watch and this women nails the topic of industrial farming on the head of what the real problem is as well,I stopped drinking milk 2 yrs ago and switched to almond milk, way better for you and easy to make at home, for half the cost, there is a eye dropper of puss in everyglass of milk but its past because its pasterized, its still gross because its pasterized puss,


Right now the bc spca has only one certified dairy farm (Little Qualicum Cheese Co. - I think that is the correct name) This farm only does cheese. What consumers can do is ask their local grocery stores to ask their suppliers to get themselves bc spca certified. It is a little step but a step in the right direction.


I couldn't watch. I've turned the news off three times now when they started to air that story. I will sign a petition and tomorrow I am buying soy milk to mix with my protein drink instead of skim cows milk. I think about little veal calves and I want to cry. I've seen them with their little white faces looking out the door of their cages and my heart aches. Nothing I can do to help them but I can stop myself from contributing to their lonely suffering. They just want their moms........ I'm changing my protein and calcium products starting now.

Tannis Kokotilo

I wrote to dairy land... this was my email to them,I am writi g to inform you that if you want to stay in buisness you better get with the program and startbuying your dairy from cruelity free farms...spca approved.. and better yet have cameras set up at every dairy farm to ensure no abuse is going on with the poor cow that make you and your employees money! Its bad enough the babies get ripped from there mothers.. and to top it off there kept in smalll spaces and totally abused and tortured! So do your part dairyland! Because you can make the biggest difference on how so many thousands of poor cows are treated!! Do your part or you will see your company fall appart these next few years.. due to the truth is out!


I signed the petition and e-mailed Dairyland. It's horrifying. I can't believe the owners of this dairy farm didn't know what was happening, because some of the cows showed signs of injury and abuse. What kind of individual gains pleasure from abusing helpless animals like this? It blows my mind.


Dairyland is owned by Saputo. Saputo also owns other brands, including Saputo, Alexis de Portneuf, Alto, Armstrong, Baxter, Black Creek "Wisconsin Classic", Danscorella, De Lucia, Dragone, DuVillage 1860, Frigo, Kingsey, La Paulina, Nutrilait, Neilson, Ricrem, Stella, Treasure Cave, HOP&GO!, Rondeau and Vachon.

If these kinds of abuses occur to make products for one brand, I'm sure they also occur in the other brands.

Allison Cardinal

Thank you for writing about this on your blog. I work as an Educational Assistant in a school in a small town in Eastern Manitoba, and this morning the Social Studies teacher showed the video of the workers kicking and beating cows, and virtually hanging a cow… it was horrific and very hard for us to watch.

My late husband was a Native American Elder and Traditional Healer. In some of the teachings he shared, he talked about how human beings were created to be the caretakers of the four-leggeds and winged ones, and all of Mother Earth's Creation. Wild and domestic animals should be treated kindly and killed with honour and respect because it it unhealthy to eat meat or drink milk from animals who died from cruel or un-natural ways (such as being hit by vehicles), or who were tortured. The pain and suffering of the animal is transferred into its flesh or milk, and taints it so it can make us ill.

Thus, dairy farmers who allow such treatment of their animals are ultimately delivering an unhealthy product to consumers. That's why it is so important to demand from Dairyland that that ALL of their dairy products come only from SPCA certified Cruelty Free Dairy Farms.


A co-worker was watching it today at work. I COULD NOT watch it. I was utterly and totally sickened by the 4 seconds I saw. There is something wrong with people who go to work and torture ANYTHING for their amusement. I hope all involved are prosecuted to the highest order. Completely disgusting.

Louise Tedeschi

This is so awful….couldn't even watch most of it. Besides, self-defeating... Well cared for, healthy, and contented cows would be much more productive and lucrative. What angry, frustrated people they must be to treat anything like that!


Perfect comments Carol as usual you have captured the essence of everything that is absolutely wrong with this dairy operation! I was just as disgusted with the owners lack of responsibility as I was with the video when I saw it last night. I applaud the person who went in there and made it public. Thank you for this post.

Maureen Mann

Appalling and terrible abuse of animals. I wish they could be charged with animal cruelty and the farm closed. I will never buy any Dairyland product unless they change to SPCA approved farms.

Natalie @ Paper &amp; Birch

Is there a petition going regarding this that we could sign and pass around?