Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jun. 11, 2014

we are pretty sure belina, the new fell off the truck meat chicken is actually a rooster...she is starting to get that look and last weekend she was trying her hand at imitating jerome and nugget and doing her version of cockadoodling. the jury is still out but we might be changing her name to billy once she matures a bit more and we are sure.

we have moved blind angel over to join owen in the laundry area. she is getting up there in age and becoming more disoriented as to the locations of the food and water bowls. she actually seems more relaxed and comfortable with the less and easier to map out space there so for her it was a good move.

rudy's leg injury is doing ok. the vets came by for a re-check and will check him again at the end of the week and we are hoping he can come out of the barn and into the fields soon.

diesel goes in for his neuter today and sparky goes in for his eye re-check, i will drop them both off at the clinic on my way to work. i am pretty sure sparks is going to lose that other eye.. it really does not look good. in any case that eye has no vision but another couple of weeks more for sparky in a cone is even sadder news for him.

lynne was up yesterday deep cleaning one of the dog rooms. shawn has taken the to do list i posted on the blog and printed a hard copy to be kept in the house so folks can quickly look and choose. it is less than 2 weeks til the open house and i can feel my stress level rising. i am not off until the final pre-week and there is a lot of stuff that needs to get done in those few days that i am not working.

both marin and molly have settled in really well and seem quite comfortable here. diesel is also doing well but he won't settle fully out til the hormones go down after his neuter.

we are moving the mini ankle biting beasts (jazzy, pepper, darby, and oliver three)..into the office. i want a fully close-able door between them and all visitors because unlike most of our biting dogs who actually bite for at least some kind of avoidable reason..those little turds go running up to bite folks from across the room without any provocation at all. it is like a freaking land bound pirhana pack attack and it totally pisses me off. so back to jail they go....someone please save me from little psycho dogs.

does anyone know why there are all of these really annoying pop up ads on our website...they are driving me crazy!

i think that is most of the current news.



" it is like a freaking land bound pirhana pack attack"

luv it! :-D

shelagh f

unless someone else beats me to it, i hope to come this friday and sand
and paint the cat run area. that may be more than a one day job, not sure.
am ordering the porta potty today. have only
two shifts booked next week so will be available


uh oh! Sounds like it's your computer that has the pop ups..... Have someone run a scan on your norton today.