Rescue Journal

sorry for the sparse posts

Carol  ·  Jun. 18, 2014

so freaking busy around here right now. i am also apologizing to everyone for not answering my cell phone..i am getting an average of 20 calls per day and i just do not have time to be answering the phone constantly and still get stuff done. so the phone is staying in the house driving the staff nutz with its constant ringing and i am off somewhere around saints plodding thru the things that we really need to get done.

we are making GREAT progress!!!! i am not going to list all we have done or all of the wonderful folks who have been up here doing stuff. let me just say that the place will as usual look great for the open house and i am deeply indebted to everyone who has slaved away up here!!!

i am not going to give an update on the animals..everyone is currently fine and i am pretty damn happy about that right now too. is 10 pm..i just finished everything that i had to do and now i am done for the night.



Sorry about the boyz picture (but they are handsome), wasn't paying attention. Must be the Paint Fumes


What do you get when you mix open house clean up, great ladies & paint fumes . . . . . A perfect day - Thank you ladies!