Rescue Journal

last day before the open house.

Carol  ·  Jun. 20, 2014

i will be gone from 7 am-1pm or so (grandma duties this morning)...most of the stuff is pretty much done. if however anyone does come up wanting to do something is a list of could do's...
1. the two cream pop up tents need to be taken down from the dog yards and moved up to the front of the shop.
2. if someone really wants to paint...the fence along the driveway is looking a bit dim. if no one wants to paint any more..i really don't care it can actually continue to look dim.
3. the front of the barn could use a bit of a wash.
4. the little mp building yard needs to be mowed.

i have a few odd spots of things still to do in the house but will get to those when i get home.

i think that is pretty much it and then we are ready to rock and roll!



Kimberley- I am staying in new Westminster and could give u a ride out if we could connect / meet up. Eg at new west sky train Station. Email me @

shelagh f

carol, donation jar on table by washing machine in shop. also name
tags, did do the mp yard.


Hello- is there any way to get to SAINTS from Vancouver on transit? I know the WCE does not run on weekends.


Yeah...all ready. I'm coming over from Victoria with my 5 year old daughter for the OPEN HOUSE - we're both very excited!!


Have a great Open House SAINTS!!! You always impress the public so I'm sure it will be a grand success. Wish I could be there but the flight from Ontario would be a bit of a hassle. :-)