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another day, another dollar..or not.

Carol  ·  Jun. 24, 2014

the open house weekend is all fine and good (and a ton of extra work!) but really it is the day in day out stuff at saints that matters the most and of course that primarily means the animals in our care.

the end of the road is coming close for elizabeth, baby, lola and china. the sheep's arthritic pain and accompanying disabilities are becoming difficult to medically manage and the two sweet lab's cancers are rapidly progressing as all cancers eventually do.

our little psychopath puff daddy has been hanging out with kevin a lot lately. kevin is currently staying up in the suite so puff feels like he has his own home and person. he is still a royal and unpredictable dick head (puff...not kevin!) but he is a happier royal dickhead so that is good.

both of the new bulldogs are doing well. they have both recovered from their neuters, their hormone levels should be going down. i am starting to think in terms of eventually both being able to live communally in a specific area if we can blend an area and personality mix together that would suit them both well. still in the thinking stage on this but hopefully we will get there eventually.

the vet was out to see ziggy yesterday..the combo of his chronic pneumonia, recent vacccines and foot trims all in the same week have been a bit much for him to deal with so he has been a bit low. we will have to be more careful in planning the timing of his care needs to spread the necessities out so as not to overwhelm him again.

we are trying to come up with an alternative living arrangement for ravyn, the newish skinny old cat. she hates other animals which kind of sucks around here. she has been stuck in a medical pen since her arrival and she would dearly love to get out of there. our collective heads are pondering ravyn and specifically the quality of life challenges that she currently presents. ideally we would find her a permanent foster home with a private bedroom or office for the couple of months or years that she has left. but we don't always get to work with the ideals... sometimes we are stuck trying to figure out relatively happy solutions with far less.

well..i guess i better get my butt into some kind of forward motion..the day is waking up around me...too freaking bad.

oh and jenn has posted the open house photos on facebook...thx jenn!!


lynne arnason

thanks brenda i havnt heard any different so im guessing shes okay. maybe my heart will stop when i get the bill lol


Lynne, I hope all goes well with Nikki tomorow. I know it's especially worrisome with her heart murmur; but she needs the dental surgery, and she'll feel much better to get those abcessed teeth out. - sending positive thoughts to you both.

lynne arnason

i absolutely love lola and china and am so glad they got to spend their remaining days at saints. i so wish i could have taken lola home but we decided princess would be better here and she is. i hope i get to see them before they go, it always sucks when you have not gotten to say good bye to them. but i am hoping erin will let me know beforehand as she did with tess, and i can say goodbye to them. i will be up on friday so will see them then. nikki goes in for her dental tomorrow, wish her luck, she is my baby.