Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jun. 30, 2014

shama is here..not a JRT...he is a mini bru.
he was heartbroken upon arrival...his family after weeks finally came and saved him from the kennels only to be brought to here. this is one of the few faultless family surrenders...fires destroy lots of lives..both animals and humans. anyway..he is a very sweet dog so hopefully we can find him another home who will love him as dearly as his last home did.

capone has found a great home, he moves in a few days.

roxy is doing well in her new home..just a couple of biting incidents which did not break any skin.

adam is also doing well...goes back in to the vets today for recheck and possible drain removal.

spot and babes go in for their vaccine boosters and i will sedate andy pretty quick as he is going in for his twice yearly shave.

diesel has a potential home in the wings but his will take some time to work out or not due to his issues.

dolly is doing really well with the signs of impending birth yet. she seems pretty damn happy here so that is great.

the damn dogs are starting to dig holes in the new pathways and this is pissing me off.

and i have to once again say...i adore our freshly and brightly painted front cheerful.


another Doreen

Yay Roxy and Capone!
I hope their homes work out for them!
And yay for Adam arriving at SAINTS! I hope he heals quickly and will find his special home too!
Poor little Shama! How heart-breaking for him to have lost both his home and his family! I hope his heart heals quickly with all your help!
They are all so sad and they don't understand what has happened to them!