Rescue Journal

an update already on teddy, spot and babes...yay!

Carol  ·  Jul. 6, 2014

Good morning Carol -

I just thought I'd give you an update on Ted that you can pass along to Patricia, too.

After leaving SAINTS yesterday we stopped at our local pet supply store and Ted picked out a new collar, lead, raised dishes and a bed (I will return yours to you). We also picked out good quality dog food (Blue for Seniors) and some wet food for mixing in. Babe and Spot (aka Mr. Handsome) were also outfitted with new everything and a nice comfy bed big enough for two (or three - Elly slept on the floor with them last night. They'll be on the bed in no time).

We had a BBQ at Kathryn's house last night and my son and his family (inlcuding his dog) came over as well. All the dogs got along famously - like they'd always been together. Kathryn, Elly and I took the four dogs for a walk after dinner and despite Spot's initial exuberance - he's a young'un after all - the dogs were perfectly wonderful. Ted is a real lapdog. He was happy as long as he was sitting on someone's lap being told how wonderful he is. I swear he was almost purring. Bless his little heart.

When Ted and I arrived home around 8:30 he waddled in, had a sniff around the house, got an obligtory hiss from Willy and then a head butt (so we know they'll be BFFs in no time) . The other two kitties high-tailed it into a back bedroom but they'll soon come 'round to realizing Ted is part of the family and there's no use fighting city hall (me). Ted and I were both pooped from the big day so hit the hay early. He slept like a chubby little log from 9:30 p.m. to 6 a.m. I woke up several times in the night to check on him (he was on his bed beside mine) and he seemed very comfy and did not wake up at all. He will be on my bed in no time too but I thought I'd let the cats get used to the idea of him just being here before invading their space completely. Ted was fine with this.

He has now had a sniff around the yard and had his breakfast. We are planning a walk in Burn's Bog for this morning with Babe and Spot. Right now he is curled up at my feet. He is just a lovely little guy and I am so grateful he's here.

sounds like everything is going well...double yay!!!


laura b

Thanks for the updates….such awesome news…..and yes we give them a home but it is them that add so much to our lives!!!

Kathryn and Elly

Mr. McGruff (nee Spot) and Babes are doing great! They ARE such silly little dogs :) They really can't get enough cuddles, which is a fit because neither can we! They are settling into their new routine and really are such a good fit for us.


Ted was on the bed with us last night - and all three cats seem to be coming around to accepting him. (the older two seem to really like him best when he's asleep :))

He was out for a big walk this morning and visited a few telephone poles and hydrants so now the neighbourhood has been updated: Ted has arrived!

I'll let Kathryn update y'all on Babes and Spot (who has undergone a name change).

All dogs are doing well and we can't imagine our lives without them....


i'm so happy for spot and babes, they are such silly little dogs, happy they've got a home together they deserve.

shelagh f

wow, that must the fastest turnaround in history for Teddy.
He sure seemed like a nice guy. Be good.

lynne arnason

how awesome for those 3 dogs. way to go u guys they really r in heaven.