Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jul. 6, 2014

it was a busy day was the day that our pre-approved families all came to meet some of our guys.
deisel's potential mom spent a couple of hours with him. i think she has what it takes to happily and safely live with him....the right amount of fair parental bulldog experience and expectations balanced with kindness and patience and some fun tossed in too. she will continue to spend some time with him over the next week or two.

teddy is out on a 2 week adoption trial and so are babes and spot. i am pretty excited for all of them...i think these are great matches for everyone and all of the dogs should do really well.

bobo is back for a while..he needed emergency ear surgery and not so easy recovery care both of which were beyond his family's abilities...he had the surgery yesterday and will remain with us for his daily post op care. bo was originally an adoption a year ago but i am switching his contract to permanent foster to ensure that with our support, his medical care can be managed.
bobo the boob is on par with odie for being a dick head with medical care but thx to the great expertise, care and patience at whatcom road vet we all got thru it with all human and k9 limbs still attached. at one point tho i considered coming home for a great big shovel to knock that beast over the head since it took several doses of sedation to knock that uncooperative oaf out.
big thx to lynne and kevin for helping out with the bedtime stuff while i was busy with bo.

i have booked elizabeth's euthanization for tomorrow..i am pretty sad about that.

shama is not happy. he is having a hard time settling in.

robbie"s tummy is upset...he vomitted this morning and his belly is gurgling.

toula and lily are settling in...tomorrow we will trial them over in the house.

the baby sheep are doing great!

and i think that is most of the news for now.