Rescue Journal

11 random things to think about in rescue

Carol  ·  Jul. 7, 2014

1. sometimes we say no to good homes because the animal in question has needs that will be better met in a different type of does not mean the turned down home has failed in some means they are looking at the wrong animal to join their family.
2. just because we are in rescue and know a lot of things does not mean we are vets. sick or unwell animals needs to see vets, not get phone, email, or internet advice from people who have experience with rescue. it is illegal to dispense, or prescribe is a slippery slope on even giving advice. we can make suggestions for folks to discuss WITH their VETS but our number one party line has to consistently be....sick animals need to see qualified vets...anything less is neglect.
3. it is not rescue to swoop in and save an animal and then dump it on a rescue to follow one would like me rescuing animals in the heat of the moment and leaving them on your door step to be eternally responsible for. it is only rescue if it is followed thru til the end...half a job just leaves someone else struggling the other end.
4. those of us in rescue are not entitled to any special treatment about quit expecting it. if anything our responsibilities are greater, our performance must be better than your average human being.
5. rescuers are not owned by the people we serve...we are owned by the animals and our own moral compass which hopefully points to the true and the pure.
6. life is complicated...rescue life is more complicated then most. unless you are deep in the heart of things, don't assume you know all the ins and outs of stuff that you hear or have all the answers. there is a lot of layers to peel thru before finding the actual truth.
7. in rescue...actions do in fact speak much louder than words.
8. you do not have to personally like a rescuer to recognize and acknowledge the value of any good work.
9. the biggest and most frustrating ongoing part of rescue is dealing with stupid. all of us should examine ourselves regularly to ensure that stupid is kept to a minimum.
10. just because i rescue animals does not make me better than anyone else...all of us are imperfect, it behooves us to learn from it as much as possible.
11. on the day i know it all..i will most likely be dead.



Thank you for #1. I once applied to adopt a pup and was turned down. Two years later applied for another and was accepted. I was very hurt being rejected by first rescue group but realize thanks to you these things are done with the best intentions.


Yay! Our little Zorro is even cuter than Antonio, and everybody's hearts are on fire for Elvira!


Well said, Carol! Great reminders for us all (in particular, #9! :))

Although none of us are perfect, what you do does deserve recognition. The level of commitment, caring and compassion you show on a daily basis is astonishing. I am in awe.

Are you absolutely sure you're a mere mortal...? :))

Cathie K

Carol.../...Erin..And all those that are interested. Hope everyone like these names... Drum !!!!..Rolllll..Please..
The male (ram) ZORRO... The female (ewe) is...ELVIRA...(We love the song)

Hope that these names are pleaseing to more people that just John and myself.

Erin.....John will drop off the money order Tuesday after 11..30 A.M..

John../...Cathie. K