Rescue Journal

angel did not pass in the night

Carol  ·  Jul. 14, 2014

she slept well...woke up once and toddled around, fell down the bed steps so i settled her back into the laundry room and she had a drink and went back to sleep. she is still sleeping now.

adam and maybe china are sick...gallons of vomit and diarrhea everywhere in the computer room...took me a full half hour just for the rough clean up.

note to the of the many spots went right down between the couch cushions..i have cleaned it all up but the couch needs a full pull apart and wash down. it was bad in here..i have tossed a lot of stuff away...please switch that entire room on to gastro and start adam on flagyl. hold his antibiotics for 24 hours. i am on early shift all of this me and let me know how everyone is doing after you get here and see.

i do hope there is no more GI purging...that was gross.