Rescue Journal

rescue's best little word...

Carol  ·  Jul. 16, 2014

i think the great thing about rescue is the fact that i will personally never get anything out of it. i won't get personal fame or fortune, i won't suddenly become popular and have a ton of friends, there will be no movie deals coming my way, no medals of honor, i won't write a best selling novel, and we all really do know that the whole rainbow bridge thing is an untrue modern day fairy tale.

in matter how i look at it..the reality is i won't leave much of a mark on the world itself. but i did help to put a bit of a kinder mark on some of it's animals.

lets be more hard is rescue anyway?...providing food, water, physical and emotional comfort..a pretty damn simple combination on any freaking day.

and here is the the end of the day, when i take my last breath, i won't know where i stand in the cosmo's great big plan...could be good...could be bad...could be nothing at all cuz maybe there never was any grand old plan.

whatever...don't really care. the trick is just to do what i think is right and do it the best that i can.

rescue was never meant to give me answers, fill my cup or guarantee me seat on the banks of the pretty rainbow river.

it was to improve the lives of discarded senior and special needs animals.

so...did the animals at saints have fresh food and water, were they physically and emotionally comfortable today?

looking around me tonight....yes they did.


good job saints staff!!



I think fame and fortune are overrated!! What keeps this crazy world turning, and what makes it a better place, are the simple acts of kindness by the ordinary, average person. What you, Carol, and other people in rescue do, has far reaching affect beyond the day to day caring of animals in distress. It touches peoples hearts, educates them, makes them think, and question, and makes the world a gentler place, among other things. No small accomplishment.