Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jul. 19, 2014

i checked the cameras a couple of hours after barn bedtime. baby was down flat on her side and unsuccessfully struggling to rise. i went out and picked her up and i guess i am back on crippled sheep monitering again tonight.

deisel has gone home on a two week foster trial. i think he is going to do really well in this is perfectly suited to his special needs.

jake has gone off to his new home on the island...i am really going to miss him. he felt like family to me. but i know this is the home of jakeys dreams..this is what he has been waiting for. this is the home that will hold him close and surround him with love and family.

adam is home from the vets...he will get this set of ear sutures out in a couple of weeks...i am so hoping he is finally done with ear surgeries.

the mp building is lonely without luke....there is a big hole. the workload is less at bedtime tho because now we can free feed kibble again the mp dogs just need a treat of canned food at bed. for the first time in a long time...we have no food frenzied beagles....weird.

daisy is being a bug me, pet me, pet me. she tosses my arm up in the air with her nose so i can only type with one and not two fingers.

this is really not fun and so i am done blogging for now at least.



She is finally feeling safe,at least you didn't have a hot cuppa in your hand. Now that is annoying and a waste of good coffee or tea.


are Americans allowed to vote in the fed-ex contest or is it just for "our lovely neighbors to the North" :)