Rescue Journal

i had an epiphany

Carol  ·  Jul. 27, 2014

i find when people say or write things that piss me off or hurt my feelings, my thoughts immediately go to..why couldn't they have written or said it this way and just be a little bit less confrontational or been nicer about it all?

hah! i am so stupid! like god made me the universal script writer for everyone else. maybe he should have but he did not.

i am not alone in this...we ALL write scripts for others in our heads...they should or shouldn't have said this...they should or should not have said it that way...what they wrote or said upset me and so they must have said or written it wrong, i am going to say this and they are going to say that and then i will have to answer this back.

it really is too bad that i can't be the universal script writer...then i could tell everyone what they are allowed or not allowed to say and in what ways they could say it and i could feel pretty good about things every day cuz everyone did things my way.

and lets be honest here..up to this point, i actually did participate in script writing for others (not that any cosmic being actually assigned the script writing rights to me. i just took them on myself.) so now that i know better and for all of my past script writing endeavors i am giving myself an A (for Arrogence.)

too 56 yrs old... i just realized that people really are allowed to communicate their own way.

as of today i am turning over a new non script writing leaf and giving myself a D for duh.