Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jul. 28, 2014

i heard from roxy last week and forgot to share but basically still being roxy...she is doing ok....yay!

pac came to visit yesterday...he looks so good and he so happy. even tho i pretend to sneer at happily ever after fairy tales...i crave and gobble them up when ever i can. i just like them to be real. roxy and pac's happily after is so freaking real it makes all of this rescue shit worthwhile.

speaking of fairy tale endings...and some that have gone sideways...deisel is finally just starting to come out of his slump. it was hard watching him grieve for the potentially perfect home that he totally screwed up. but he is starting to get over it now. another couple came up here yesterday to meet him...they had heard of him from someone they met at the local fair. they hadn't been in contact with us tho so it was one of those equations...a homeless bulldog in a shelter + really nice bulldog loving folks = not a hope or a prayer. they did not know about all of his many issues until they got here. our on line application would have saved them a trip but whatever..i liked them, had the 30 minutes to spare so it was ok doing it in person...this time. and i think they learned something important in their bulldog search...a bulldog is not just a bulldog...a bulldog can actually be a major pain in the ass.

toula is ill. i came home yesterday and was told she was having trouble breathing. at first i thought it was probably an upper respiratory infection because she is new to here. but she doesn't have any nasal, eye discharge and her respirations do not sound congested, they sound pretty dry. now i am actually really worried....asthma? cardiac? cancer?...i would much rather it was an easily treatable URI. i did start her on antibiotics just in case, have caged her and have the fan blowing directly on her to help her feel like she can breathe with more ease. renee is coming in early to get her into the vets as soon as they open. fingers crossed whatever it is, is something we can manage or fix.

new cat arriving from an okanagon clinic today...same folks who sent us sweet fergus (rip dear one.) poouch is a 17 yr old surrendered to the vets for euth. for some reason i forget plus the family was moving. the clinic convinced them to sign her over to them instead so they could try to find her a new home. a month later no home has been found so she is coming our way and most likely (because few folks are looking to adopt 17 yr old cats) saints will become her permanent home. apparently she is a nice, healthy, cheerful and interactive cat who does well with both dogs and cats so i am hoping she makes the adjustment well. she will be starting off in the medical room and we will see how she does.

oh crap..i better move my ass. it is time to get going to work.


lynne arnason

off topic, i am organizing a volunteer table for the gala so far there is me brenda and tammy. if anyone is interested please let me know, either up at saints or on this blog.