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rio grande

Carol  ·  Aug. 6, 2014

i am feeling a bit down tonight..i had come up with a perfect 10 yr retirement plan that fell apart. that sucked.

oh well lots can happen in the next 10 years so not much else to be done except concentrate on living the next 3650 days as they come.

so on my lunch break today i went to meet rio. rio is a senior horse that has not had the easiest of lives. he was apparently given to the maple ridge theraputic riding association on a 30 day trial as a free lease. they said when he came in, he looked like he was 40 instead of the late 20's that he most likely is. they described him as having a life of "riding hard and put away wet"..i think that is horsey-speak for not being well cared for. they fattened him up and gave him good care but he really is not suited to theraputic riding because of a few things. they had called the owners and told them he was not suitable for their program and would have to go back home but they refused to take him back. since january poor rio has been hanging around in limbo because they have been unable to find him a retirement home. we are going to trial him here for 30 days, if he can get along with the others then he gets to stay but there is some question on his ability to live with other horses at this point. if he doesn't do well with our guys, we will send him back to the facility but as a saints boarder with his own private paddock/stall and assume financial responsibility for his wellbeing and care. if this is going to be looking for several st. rio monthly sponsors to help us with that.

anyway..he seems like a very nice old horse and a bit of a funny looking little guy...can't be more than 15 hands high...maybe less...dull muddy brown coat with several big but old healed scars, and some beige streaking on his face so it looks like he has a splash of appaloosa in there. sadly rio is just too old and arthritic to have many options left. kind of sucks to be 28 or 29 years old if you happen to be a homely homeless horse.
i must say...i wouldn't mind being 28 or 29 again myself tho because retirement would still be a lifetime away and i wouldn't worry so much.

whatever. right now it's rio's retirement that is the issue of today.

saints welcomes grand dad rio..i will let you know his arrival date.



elvira has fully recovered. we are bringing them back in early to beat the heat of the mid-late afternoon.

Lenore Henry

I sure hope it works out with Rio. On another note Carol, how is Elvira doing?


That's great, Sheila. Thanks. What are my options for sending the money?


Hi Sheryl I received your email. I am having issues with my email and not everyone gets them so answering here that yes you can sponsor Rio



I would like to sponsor Rio for the W4W8 if he is not already spoken for.


Sounds like the old guy needs a break. Fingers crossed he fits in with the rest of the herd.


We should bring in the horse whisper to have a little chat with the other horses on being inviting. Just kidding. I'm sure they will get along fine