Rescue Journal

just a quickie cuz i hurt

Carol  ·  Aug. 8, 2014

i am a little bit worse for wear thighs and shoulder are covered in little punctures because lily is an idiot who does not know that cat claws inbedded in human flesh hurt. and i have a massive head ache because rio is also an idiot who banged into me from behind which set off my recently stiff and sore neck into a blinding migraine.
the intro with rio and the other horses was a bit rocky to start but they sort of got it together to an uneasy truce. his anxiety bugs them and dixie is a bit of a bossy bitch on the best of days.

i was briefly in a good mood this morning so i let ginger and the goats into the back yard for a little adventure. but then chewy chewbacca the dork totally stipped the bark off my little maple tree like in 3 and a half seconds so i kicked them all out again. that poor little helpless tree will not survive the damn goat-dork attention it got...that sucks.

it was nice that lynne, jamie and shelagh were up helping out today cuz i sure as heck was not a heck of a lot of help. however..i did get to go out a buy some groceries and my personal laundry is currently in the dryer so i got some of my own stuff done!

ok, that is all i have to bed and hopefully this headache will go away.