Rescue Journal

we sadly said goodbye to mother theresa today.

Carol  ·  Aug. 9, 2014

mama t came in back in 2008 as part of the forgotten felines cruelty seizure. she was pretty sick when she got here...feline leukemia positive with fluid collecting in her abdomen and her chest, the vet did not think she would last long. she is the last of the forgotten felines here, she is the last of our feline leukemia cats. i think she has been lonely since cliff passed away. we named her mama t because on the day we went to collect her from the spca she was laying on a blanket with 8 other cats snuggled around her. she loved to mother all of the other FeLV cats and i think she really missed them all as they started to pass away.

i don't know how long ago mama t contracted this deadly virus but she lived happily and healthy for 6 and a half years here despite her poor start. she even beat the rock for longevity with this disease. such a lovely kind and gentle cat. so much grace. such a shame that life dealt her such an unfair hand.

today she started to have trouble breathing and i took her down to the vet. xrays showed fluid in her lungs, abdomen and surrounding her heart and a very large tumor in her chest. time had finally run out for our saintly nurturing one.

love you mama t, your leaving is such a loss but i so hope there is a heaven waiting for you filled with all of your much loved friends.

mama t



Oh Mama we will really miss you .. you were being very quiet and not looking or acting well after your friend Cliff passed away.. Such a sweet girl .. all your friends here at Saints will miss you rest in peace

laura b

Mother Theresa was such a wise, loving and gracious cat.we continually learn so much from our Saintly crew. Your greetings will be missed dear ladyRIP


Sleep in peace, Mama. You were a great cat and will be deeply missed.


Sweet Mama, we'll miss you so much. We all knew she was failing - she just wasn't herself the last few weeks. The bunny room won't be the same without her gentle presence. Rest peacefully, lovely girl. You'll always be in our hearts.


I noticed last week that her breathing was laboured and figured her body was shutting down. I always tried to spend time with her first as she was not looking too healthy lately. RIP Mama, I loved that girl