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Wishes 4 Whiskers Charity Event... Preview of Animal Sponsorship Cards

Sheila  ·  Aug. 11, 2014

Hopefully this gets everyone thinking about the W4W event October 4th. And hopefully everyone likes the look of this years cards because it is got a whole new look....



I still need lots and lots of silent auction items so if anyone has any connections please email. Also we have a ton of tickets to sell still.


Patricia Barr

Living in Ontario cannot be of much help - but regarding silent auction items-
once for a fund raising effort for our local shelter we had several bids on
service items such as," a weeks free day care for dog -" "2 weeks dog care in my home while you vacation "
"a week of i will walk your dog each night "
Ï will take your dog to the dog park once a week for a month "
Some even went as high as ä free weekend at my cottage"

we did quite well on these -
Good luck with your efforts - look forward to your blog daily.
"senior dogs rock"


Just saying that he looks like a sad grumpy old Brit (Churchhill ish) After all Diesel is a Brit) (no offense to your British lineage)


I am with Mo & Carol, the cards are cool, great, & wonderful. Diesel looks like a grumpy old Brit


Cards look beautiful !!! I will confirm tickets in next couple weeks. Looking at 2 possibly 3 tables. Will also try and come up with a couple good auction items.


Hi Lynn I did see your comment re: the volunteer table. Would you mind holding on to the silent auction items until September and then I can pick up. Just leave them in the office in the MP room with my name on it.


I have an extra seat at my table if any one needs a ticket, let me know.


lynne arnason

hey sheila did you read my comment. i have the wine holder and wine for the silent auction may get a few more things where shall i leave them


Carol did you get my email that I sent today. Just want to make sure it got to you and not cyber space.

lynne arnason

hi sheila i am going in on a volunteer table for 8 people there is me and my daughter, brenda, tammy, shawn, her husband and father and dionne . dionne already sent in her money before she joined our table so i will take care of refundig her her portion. i will talk to the others and submit money.