Rescue Journal

gilligan + updates

Carol  ·  Aug. 17, 2014

i thought when gilligan got here that i would feel so sorry for this poor boy so afraid in this world. and yes he is frightened and nervous over new things but i tell you what really is making my heart feel like breaking....

i think he is an 18 month old dead dog.

animal control did some blood work and his kidneys are toast and the floods of completely unconcentrated urine i saw that dog pass last night does not bode well.

he is pretty cheerful here already...he chewed and ripped up a bunch of shit last night. really he is still just a big giant puppy whose mouth is for relieving his boredom while everyone else old and tired wants to sleep.

maybe those kidneys will last him another year or two or even three...or maybe they will only last him a very few weeks.

gilligan came from a blueberry farm...his kidneys are a concentrated barometer of the poisonous food that we eat.

pretty damn sad.

anyway...this is what i know of our new guy so far...

he is young.
he is big.
he is sweet.
he likes dogs and cats.
and he likes me.
he chews on giant cat posts.
he rips up stuffies, paper and pens.
he has the cutest top of his head in the world...sort of like he is wearing a wig.
he is nervous of doorways, collars and leashes and pigs and cows he can see far away thru two fences.
and that's as far as i have gotten into the mystery of another "had a shitty life" soul.

welcome gilligan to your new sort of weird home.


i took gary, cindy, poosh to the vets yesterday. gary and poosh for steriod injections for their chronic immuno mouths. and cindy just because she has been going down hill. she got an antibiotic injection and we are trialling her with an anti inflammatory cartrophen dose and will see if that helps her pick up again (cindy is a long term FIV girl.)

sparky went off to his new home in the okanagon. his new mom is jackie (sister to jeanette who has our snickers.) this is a great home where sparky will never even think to look back.
jeanette is wanting to take lola home next week to give her a home of her own for this tiny last bit of life that she has and i think i will most likely let her go. it will be a great gift for lola to end her life in a home of her own. after she passes jeanette says she is coming back for adam and i think he will be very happy about that.

sigh...time is flying here and i got stuff to do.


Lenore Henry

I have never met you Jeanette but what a wonderful heart you have to give Lola and perhaps Adam a loving and final home......


the level of sadness this brings me is right up there with that brought on by little Liam.

shelagh f

sounds like a new friend for Luna and the other stuffy destroyers


Blueberries aren't toxic to dogs. Were there any grapes on the farm?