Rescue Journal

arghhh..i might just kill someone!

Carol  ·  Aug. 25, 2014

a fight over the food bowl. boomer was down, belly up, gilligan the 90 pound moron on top. lucky i was in the next room...TOTALLY pissed me right off! when yelling as i was running for them didn't make it stop..i threw the xpen...great big scary noise! scared the crap out of both of them and they high tailed it outside. i had to suck up to boomer to get him back in so i could check him over...he was freaked out over the fight and the noise of the flying xpen. he is ok...tiny nick on the ear. still the fight scared the crap out of me..giant big dog flipping out on the underside of not so big boy.
grhhhh, damn dog.

i went out to the shop and grabbed another pen to section off the room so gilligan is alone with his own food bowl..more grhh. then i had to go out and suck up to the big stupid and violent lout to get him back in because he was terrified that i was so mad at him. sigh...he is emotionally fragile.
not that it matters that much to me...fighting is NOT allowed.

anyway..tonight is just a quicky pen off fix..tomorrow i will do it better.

why do i take in these young stupid dogs??? oh yeah, right...he was a jelly fish at animal control and his kidneys are toast.

he better not be one of those not really dying dogs or i might just be thinking of giving him a push off a cliff! (if i had one of those.)



Ha Ha Ha.. That Boomer is a trickster..he is a dog that is simply full of personality. If you watch him ( exspecially if he doesn't know you are watching ) you can actually see him thinking up some trouble to get into..hmmm can I pounce on unsuspecting June or Luna... Hmmm who's that knew guy with the weird name ( Gilligan ) how far can I push his buttons with my half attack play game. When he spots you watching him, he's like Oh Ok..I'll pop over to you for a visit..look I will even roll over so you can easily reach down & give me a belly rub.. Ok that's I need to go bury myself in that nice clean stall & get shavings all over me & caught up in my hair, so I can drag them into the house , or perhaps I will stand up on your full wheelbarrow to get a hold of that perfect piece of poop I see... Oh sorry, was that me that knocked the whole thing over...hey no worries, I'll help ya pick it up by grabbing a few more morsels..Ok see ya later I gotta go see what's going on in the back yard...Zoooom Zooom catch ya later. I LOVE Boomer


boomer doesn't get picked on....he is one of the lets go find some kind of fun to annoy carol clan. it was andy they were all picking on...

shelagh f

poor Boomer, hope of them are both ok. why do they all pick on
Boomer? he seems like such a nice guy, guess he is the smallest
of the bunch, not that that is a good reason