Rescue Journal

plan exercise in patience

Carol  ·  Aug. 26, 2014

i spent most of the day meeting house inspectors, house appraisers and septic system suckers at my possible new place. the septic system is going to drive me insane. it has not been touched since it was installed 40 years ago and all access to it was covered up by a cement patio. we got the owners to jack hammer the concrete up so the septic could be sucked out and cleaned today but apparently they did not jack hammer enough because 2 things are still under the concrete and they need to be opened before the septic inspector comes out on friday. the current owners are now unavailable to jack hammer some more because they are away. i could pay the septic sucker guy $750 to jack hammer up the rest so we can keep on schedule to have the subjects removed. but man oh man the costs of this great idea of mine are really adding up to a mountain instead of the anticipated mole hill that i budget-ed for..

someone should give me a lobotomy so i quit having bright ideas that have the real potential to drive me insane.

i will be glad when this part of the process is over...i have to dig deep for the patience to wait.


dude is still at the vets. his fever while still high is down a bit. his blood work is back and shows significant inflammation, infection and anemia. the anemia is most likely from a really bad flea infestation. honestly people just do not get it...fleas and parasites can be a life threatening problem. uncontrolled fleas and parasites suck the living crap out of their makes them sick and it makes them vulnerable to even more physical bottomed out immune systems and secondary infections. flea and parasite control is not a "it's a nice thing to have" option in responsible pet is critical.
anyway so poor dude continues being force fed, getting sc fluids, antibiotic injections AND feels like crap for want of a monthly advantage treatment. this just pisses me off and lets not even talk about his resulting ongoing hospitalization and medical costs from being sucked dry by a legion of tiny vampire bugs.

this is the third animal this year that we have gotten who was very ill from a flea infestation as the root cause.
it is beyond unnecessary and is out right neglect.

the general consensous around here is that boomer is a bit of a dick and that he might have had coming whatever gilligan dished out to him. i am of the mind that might does not make right and big needs to be careful with little. it may be unfair that size does in fact matter but then life is not always fair.

kevin said the new sheep are settling in ok...still a bit sketchy and nervous.

carter the new FeLV cat is doing ok...when i saw him tonight, he was happy to see me, he is a real sweet boy.

tristie is under the impression that i cannot possibly go into the bathroom without her supervision. it does not matter where she is or what she is doing...she literally flies to the bathroom door and insists on going in with me. i would think that she just likes the bathroom but since she comes out again as soon as i leave, i am thinking that maybe she thinks i am an idiot who might do something dangerous in fall into the toilet or drown myself in the tub or the sink.
honestly i am 56 years old and i don't think at this point in my life that i need a bathroom babysitter yet....but just try to convince tristie of that.

buddy and murphy are such soon as i enter the room or stand up from my chair...they both stand up too. they snap to attention as soon as i move. something going on around here? you think they might be babysitting me too?
maybe the inmates are taking over my zoo. or...maybe they heard me talking about my new house and are worried that i am planning to leave?
not yet have me for a few more years yet...i have to pay for the sucker and need some more time at work to accomplish that.

anyway i don't have much news, i spent too much of the day messing around with plan B and not hanging around with the saints.