Rescue Journal

oh well, i said if they could rescue her...we would take her. my word is my bond (dammit!) new dog coming in. needs pick up at airco tentatively on tuesday sept 2 at 1:15..anyone available to pick her up and bring out to us?

Carol  ·  Aug. 29, 2014

saints is welcoming tia. she is a very shy, starving dog from a chain on a northern reserve. her pups were just weaned and were taken today by her owners to be sold at the local walmart parking lot. tia was rescued by the RCMP and taken in to safety by NARA. YAY cam!




I'll be picking up Gracie after I get Tia. Should be out at saints by around 3pm Tuesday.
I let them know that if for some reason Tia doesn't get on the flight (she's fllying standby) that I'll pick up Gracie when Tia's flight gets rebooked as i don't want to be driving back and forth to saints all week.


i haven't heard anything on her yet..if you can grab her too it would be awesome because carter is LONELY!!!


carol does the felv girl from Delta have a ride out yet? Should i pick her up on my way on tuesday?

shelagh f

and of course, most of the dogs bought in a parking lot
will not be spayed or neutered and the cycle continues.
There is apparently not a lot of dogs in the spca shelters
for adoption. More should be done for northern dogs
like this, with education and free spay etc. Good for
NARA for being there and all those helping animals
in the north


Poor Tia. I hadn't donated to anyone yet for doing the ice bucket challenge so I just made a donation for Tia via Paypal.

Ian and Mary

The RCMP officer who rescued her is a true if only they could lay some cruelty charges at the Walmart parking lot! Who buys puppies in a parking lot?


Yes, just looked at my schedule. I'm off. I'll message Cam and tell her I can pick Tia up.


I think I'm off. Let me check my work schedule. I saw Cam's post and it reminded me of the many dogs I saw in fort st James. Thankfully we spayed and neutered many while there.


yay rae! its flea season and every bit helps keeping the cost of flea control down, thank you so much!!!


I just saw her on their facebook page, she's beautiful ! thank you Carol for finding a spot for her. P.S. I have some Revolution, and Advantage that I'll put in the mail for you.