Rescue Journal

quick updates

Carol  ·  Aug. 31, 2014

grace (the newest FeLv cat arrives on tuesday as does tia..the starved momma dog from up north (thank you nicole for picking them both up and getting them out to saints!)

pumpkin looks like he is getting sick..not sure if he has ever had any vaccines. erin moved him over to the house where i could watch him.

dude is eating a little but still is not feeling all that great. i think he is glad to be out of the vets tho. the vet wants to see him again in a couple of weeks and recheck his blood work. then we will have a better idea if there is anything serious underlying his current unwellness.

i had the new sheep's names is zoey and zsu-zsu..not zoey and whatever the other name i said that it was. anyway..they are settling in well.

zorro and elvira are growing like won't be long before they are no longer babies.

dixon the 20 yr old cat is doing ok...almost time to let him loose with the other ancient/frail cats.

i am not so sure about shadeau and hollywood...they are both hanging out under the couch more than i like. i am thinking of moving them to a quieter with the frail old guys.

the 2 old senior shitz's arrive tomorrow.

gilligan is doing well not so much of a jelly fish anymore... and no further food fights but then we keep him separate with an xpen just in case when no one is around.

speaking of recovering jelly fish..marin is shyly starting to love me. she is a pretty sweet little dog (when she is not kicking ass by fence fighting with the big dogs!)

penny left me a note that amber the bunny is congested again today..i will call the vets and get her back on antibiotics for another round again.

i was late getting home from work today...big thx to michelle and chris for getting everyone settled for bed!!!

and big thx to everyone who came and helped over this long holiday weekend....we all greatly appreciate that!!

i am off tomorrow so i will be around to help out some too!

it is kind of poetic that we all labor so hard for the animals on the labor day weekend...the animals are pretty darn grateful that we do.



or Gillies.
that's the name of my rheumatologist. LOL!
Scottish for "servant of god". i think i'd prefer "servant of dog."
it was also used as a Victorian term for an outdoor servant.
(perhaps not a gardener...) you're right, Helga!

Giles sounds a little pompous, i know, but i do like the name for a dog.

Gilly is good. (as in "gill- for gills). Gilly Guts, Gilly Butt, Gilly Silly....


Maybe just call him Gillie. Isn't that a Scottish word for someone helping a hunter or fisherman?


thx dionne!...i was getting worried. i am not sure about pumpkin...i think it might be stress...i covered his cage up last night and he quit hiding. he might do better over in the medical room once he has been viral tested.


Shadeau and Hollywood are fine during the week. Hollywood even sits at the door and waits for his breakfast with Gary. I have been leaving Dixon's door open when I am in there and close at night so I know he is eating. Hope Pumpkin is ok.