Rescue Journal

just a quick update on tia's first night because OMG!

Carol  ·  Sep. 3, 2014

she was shy but sweet for the first few hours.
then she became cheerfully interested in the mechanics of living in my bedroom.
its a lot to take in..little dogs everywhere, doing all sorts of things, it was interesting.
and of course she quite liked the seemingly never empty magical food and water bowls, she was fascinated by each refilling process whenever she happened to empty them, which really was quite a lot.
so what happened at 0445 hrs when i was sound asleep but all bowls were suddenly empty again???
take a guess...

forget cannot possibly guess because i shit you not!

i woke up to the sound of an empty milk/water jug hitting the floor....i thought she was playing until i really watched her closely. she went back down to the floor, picked up the jug, carried it back up to the water bowl next to my bed and dropped it again as she tried to angle the open spout over the empty water bowl. she went back down again, picked up the jug and tried to pour it again into the empty bowl.

i was stunned...i watched her a couple of more times and then went out to the entrance way and got a full jug and filled up the bowl for her. once every bowl was filled up again, she curled back up next to mystic and me and went back to sleep. all was right in her new world.

she is without a doubt the most self actualizing dog i have ever met. she is amazing (and just a little bit scary.)

(and this reminds me...the entrance way shelves are full of empty jugs that need to be refilled.)



Sounds like one of the special tahltan bear dog specials - very instinctual problem solvers! A bit difficult to find the right match for but what joy they can be.

lynne arnason

i guess when you have been starved you never want that to happen again. off topic wonder how the gala is coming along


Still waiting for the kittens, Laura. I believe Claire is due any day now.

laura b

off topic….just wondering when Claire is due? I know someone who is interested in a kitten.


y'know, i REALLY like the look of her...even more so, knowing how intelligent she is.
she's going to fill out and.. well, she'll be one of the queens of Saints if she isn't immediately snapped up for adoption.
with THOSE brains?
people will want to adopt her just to observe her and love on her.
i hope... i THINK....she'll unfold like a flower and bloom.
she's in the right place for it to happen. :-)

from what you say (and i know it's early days yet) she just seems to be calmly accepting of everything around her?


omg... that's amazing, and a bit scarey - what's next.. bringing the soiled linen off your bed to the laundry.?. I can't wait to meet her either.


You may need to find an adoptive home for her as soon as she's well enough....if she's that smart, Mo is probably right....could be trouble (or fun?)


Oh Oh..another smartie pants...trouble is a brewin :-) Glad to hear she is doing well, she must figure she is on an alien planet, can't wait to meet her.