Rescue Journal

it has been a terrible day

Carol  ·  Sep. 8, 2014

angel couldn't walk when i got home last night, this morning she was weak and not much better. renee and i took her into the vets and helped her to pass. angel has been with us for a long time and it was a long time of caring for her and protecting her and watching over her because for a long time she has been really not well. today was the day where we had to finally decide on her quality of life and in all honesty, it just wasn't there for her any more.
i love you angel and i will so badly miss you but i am glad you are finally free from a body that was letting you down.
rest in peace sweetheart, you were the very kindest of all dogs.

we also lost gerty, and this was such a shock. chris phoned me at work last night and said gerty was just not herself...and really, in retrospect...she hasn't been quite right for a couple of weeks. we took her with us to the vets with angel and they did an xray and then sent us over to langley to the emergency clinic for an ultrasound. gerty at barely a year and a half old was in the final stages of cardiomyelopathy and heart failure..and we did not know. her heart was so big it had taken up her entire chest. the vet at emerg said it was probably congenital and there was no hope of improving her heart function with medication. we could maybe keep her alive for a few days with meds but she would not really feel any better and she would have no quality of life before she died. renee and i held that sweet baby and let her go.
so heartbreaking to lose her so young.
rest in peace gerty, we all adored you goofy girl.

a heartfelt thank you to all of the staff and volunteeers who have loved and cared for these two special girls so well.


Carol A.

Those sweet fur babies will be sorely missed by all of you. If there is a good side, it is that those last months and years with you at SAINTS was there little fore-taste of heaven's blessings. Love, and attention, and snuggles, and safety to their last moments end, in the loving arms of SAINTS. Thinking of all of you tonight....

Carol Ann

RIP my beautiful Angel. I loved the way she felt. So soft and pudgy. Poor Gerty so young. :(

laura b

SHIT this so sucksRIP dear Angel you were such a trooper even with your failing body. Sweet cutie patootie flippin unfair.your lets party personality will be very missed...


Wow..bad day for sure. So sad sometimes . I havent visted Angel very often since she moved from your I am sorry.

So sorry . RIP sweet Gerty and Angel

Lenore Henry

So sorry Carol for the loss of Angel and Gertie today. Thinking of all the wonderful people at Saints who give these dear souls the gift of love.


My heart is very heavy tonight. I love being part of SAINTS, but sometimes, it is so very hard. Carol, I am so sorry for the losses today. Such amazing, gracious, good hearted dogs


Omg, I'm so sad to hear of these 2 losses . I had Angel out in the front yard yesterday, and she was moving very slowly, and didn't want to eat her canned food, but was happy to have some chicken that I found in the fridge.
-and Gertie was not herself - she was growling when I picked her up , and would not eat anything I offered her yesterday - and didn't want too play. Poor little thing, very sad. I sat with her on the bed and she got in my lap, and seemed happy to just lay there. I thought she was just "off". Very sad - 2 sweethearts gone

lynne arnason

it is hard being at saints when there are the deaths. i know it is a part of life but it takes a toll on y;ou i dont know how carol does it but she does. i guess that is the way it is. i have had my big bambi, blonde buddy. jellybean copper i have now nikki and princess princess is not doing too good. these are all old dogs i have taken in, but each time it gets a little harder on my heart. would i stop, hell no but it gets harder each time they go.i only know they go knowing they are loved and valued and that makes all the difference in the world. they die happy and they do so at saints. carol keep doing what you do you are their salvation and their life and for that they are truly happy

lynne arnason

i am so sorry about angel and gertie life sucks these were both such sweet dogs gertie was just a baby so so sad for her and angel was just a love s sorry carol wow its hard to beleive about gertie. just a young dog rip angel and gertie