Rescue Journal

quick update

Carol  ·  Sep. 24, 2014

i called to check to see if pepper had survived the night and he had. brandi told me he is sitting up in his cage and every time she tries to go in and get near him, he tries to kill her. yay! pepper is back. anyway they have stuff that they have to do to him but we all know how pepper is going to react to that. his whole body is so horribly bruised and injured that they do not want to hurt him while wrestling him, plus i am sure they don't want to get bit.i said i would come down and give it a try but pepper is often just as much a dick head with me plus he is currently traumatized so he might not be any better with me. hopefully he lets me get him out of the cage and we can pop a cone on his head.

just one more quick update before i go...

jerry had a terrible seizure last night. it was a full grand mal and lasted for more than 8 minutes. the post-dictal stage of blindly stumbling in panic around lasted for another few hours, it was 4 am before he was finally settled and could sleep. poor, poor jerry...he is 18 yrs old and seizures at this point are usually an indicator that there will be more. i will talk to the vet while i am in helping with pepper.



Happy to hear about Pepper - hang in there, little one. Poor Jerry....

laura b

BIG LOVE to my friend Jerry
Pepper use that feisty attitude to get better