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update on pepper, jerry, tia and gilligan

Carol  ·  Sep. 24, 2014

pepper is better today. i was worried this morning when i went in because his front leg was twisted and useless and there does appear to be some nerve damage and his back end was not working..and i think that he may have stroked due to the trauma of it all. the vet said that this afternoon while he still couldn't walk, at least he did try to move so maybe things are getting a little better and less numb as some of the swelling goes down. the swelling has gone down inside his eye and looks now like he will not lose it. he is still not eating or drinking and is still on IV's and high doses of injectible pain and antibiotic meds..the vet says he can't come home until he is eating, switched to oral meds and can stand on his own...hopefully just a few more days.

jerry has fully recovered from his seizure last night. i spoke with the vet... she said sudden seizures at his age are almost always really bad news. she said i can give him valium if he starts again and i have a crate set up and ready in my car just in case one of these nights we need to rush off to emergency.

tia had her spay surgery today. both tia's and gilligan's blood work came back and while both of them are not concentrating their urine the blood results do show that their kidneys are ok. tia is still at the clinic, has already chewed off her IV so is now in a cone and will be spending the night.

we are still having a hard time dealing with peppers injuries and the loss of darby and jazz.

i think some folks may be second guessing or questioning my decision and maybe wanting to talk about it with me...i am ok with discussing is what happened and we cannot pretend it away. anyway... if anyone is looking for an opportunity, just let me know.


another Doreen

It sounds like Tia is quite the character!
And I saw the post about Mika on Facebook. Hopefully that poor soul will enjoy many days in the comfort and loving arms at SAINTS.
I for one don't feel the need to to discuss your decisions. You weighed their options and their histories and made the best decisions for all concerned. Those little dogs were lucky to have been given extra chances at SAINTS as it was.