Rescue Journal

update on Pepper and the newest addition

Nicole  ·  Sep. 26, 2014

When I left SAINTS, Carol was taking a bunch more meds as her back is still quite messed up, leaving her quite lame and not able to get around well.
We got about 50mls of a canned food slurry into Pepper, he took it way better than I thought he would. He's hanging out in the laundry area. We gave him his antinausea injection as well as his pain injection. Hopefully he will make some progress over the weekend.

I picked up Teek from Airco this afternoon. When I pulled up to the building I could hear her yelling from inside. A little bit of me wanted to quickly run away as I wasn't look forward to the hour long drive out to SAINTS with a shriekly little dog beside me. The guys at Airco are so great. They were giving her head scratches, trying to soothe her. Once she was out of the crate and in my car, she was a much quieter and lovely girl. She's around 10 years old and like most SAINTS animals, she leaks. We ate oreos on the way out, she approves of my healthy eating habits.

If anyone watched Battle for Endor, the Ewok movie, you will get the reference. I showed Carol this picture:

Surprisingly she still okayed going with the name Teek for her.
Welcome little one!

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Carol A.

Little Teek the ewok, is a beautiful little girl.... leaky or not. We all have our problems. I suppose oreos could be considered a food group after all it does include chocolate and sugar and maybe some trace fibre. :)

It has been a really hard week for everyone at SAINTS and I have been thinking of all of you and wishing I could help, but Edmonton is a long way away.

I do hope Carol's back is better today and the Pepper is starting to feel a bit brighter. Sending everyone hugs.

another Doreen

Yay Pepper! And Teek is sure cute!
I hope Carol's back feels better soon too!