Rescue Journal

living the dream

Carol  ·  Sep. 30, 2014

i recently read that it is not how big or beautiful our dreams are that will lead to their realization... it is how much pain we are willing to accept in the pursuit of a dream that may or may not come to fruitation. if we are not willing to embrace and love the journey despite how much it hurts, despite not knowing where it will end, we probably are not going to get very far because with a couple of stubbed toes, a bloody nose or two and we stop and call it quits. the article i read said this is not failure, it is simply that the dream was not real enough, not important enough to pay the cost of finding it in the end.
and this made me think of saints...of all of the blood, sweat and tears, of the days when our hearts were ripped out of our chests...this beautiful dream that we live that hurts.

i am pretty damn smart..might even be close to brilliant because i constructed a dream where the only way out is to sacrifice the animals who need i would ever do that to them.

so all of us who are truly committed to saints suck up the stubbed toes, we wipe the blood off our faces, we pick ourselves up with our scraped and bleeding hearts and with souls stained by our rivers of tears and venture forth into the dream again.

and what is this dream in its final finish line crossing? it is the dream that no animal will ever need us again. not going to see it in my lifetime...maybe not even in the next. this is the kind of never ending dream journey that just keeps living from one generation on to the next.

so how much pain are we willing to accept in living this dream journey without any end?

well... how many animals are there suffering at the hands of humans in this world? that is how much pain we are willing to accept.


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