Rescue Journal

heads up for the rest of the long weekend

Carol  ·  Oct. 12, 2014

just so everyone knows....

when agnes is stuck behind the laundry room gate and wants to be with you, the sounds she makes are creepy. it is also creepy the way she grabs your leg for a hump-hug..her nails and teeth dig in and it kind of hurts (but she does not know this so no one is allowed to get mad at her!) she can go out into the front yard with the kitchen dogs.
she is going on to a strict bison/venison diet...her new food is on the stove.

if anyone is looking for baths to do.... the new badly need baths every day list is tina, max, teak, and agnes (the first three are for urinary incontinence so any shampoo will do...agnes is for a yeast overgrowth so she will need nizorol shampoo which is in my bathroom..fine to bath her in my tub.)

keep mika away from all dogs except for the computer room guys...those dogs she has deemed can live...all others not in her realm are fair game and on her hit list.

i will try to make it home for lunch....thx for the extra help this long weekend everyone!!!



I don't know where my comment I posted went but yes I will trim her nails and set up the tank.


i'm going to come out tomorrow about 1030. where it the turtle hanging out? i will attempt to determine it's sex so you can rest easy about name choices.