Rescue Journal

you gotta have faith

Carol  ·  Oct. 15, 2014

what we fail to truly understand is that each and every one of us are the history of the future. in big or small ways, we leave our very own personal imprint that shapes what will one day be.
one life of respect and kindness...not for reward but just because it is right.... multiplied by 50 billion people? now that would be an incredible sight.

i always said i would rather have one thousand $10 donations than one $1000.00 donation and it is pretty obvious why. it is the little things that add up to something big...we just do not believe it.

faith is a funny means believing.
and here is where the animals are better off than we are....take them from terrible lives and show them a life that is more kind and they will believe it as they start to live it...the adjustment to kindness does not take them a very long time.

mika had a shitty life...chained to a porch, many times tangled into immobility with another dog's food or shelter within reach. no love, care, comfort or kindness just a tortured existence.

now she lays on a red leather couch and bitches at me to get off my ass and come and give her some love.

yesterday is long gone for her, now it is today and tomorrow and she expects both to be good.

every person who works or volunteers here, every person that sent us a donation of food, or money, or flea treatments, or medications, or washers or dryers at one time or another...every person who came to our fundraisers, pub nights, bake and garage sales, every person who provided a permanent or foster home to one of our animals, every person who has spoken kindly of us and asked friends and family to give us a hand...all of these people changed the history of a senior husky with cancer and gave her a future of kindness that she can trust and believe.

sigh..i gotta go...mika is calling..thx for re-writing her history.



OK ..hears a thing about me.. I relate many things to songs...I am forever pairing up a particular dog/cat/horse/pig with a particular song, or an event will make me think of a particular song and the next thing you know I am humming away or singing something..... Well all morning I have George Michael in my head & he is telling me I gotta have faith..Yuk I want that song outta my head !!!

Good post though...and yep..50 billion people filled with respect & kindness would be a wonderful world..Ha Ha new song :-)


Good to hear the comments re donations. Sometimes I wonder if my small amount makes a difference but now I know it does. It is the old line - every little bit counts.