Rescue Journal

it is feral cat month..i am posting a link to help us tell the difference between a true feral cat and a previous pet cat who acts wild due to living out on its own.

Carol  ·  Oct. 17, 2014



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There's a big old orange "feral" cat in our neighborhood. I think he must have had a home once, but people tell me he's been around as a stray for years. He will come to the door for food (everyone feeds him) but if anyone tries to approach, he hisses and lashes out. It's so sad. He's been in some pretty horrible fights, and has nasty wounds to prove it. I doubt he could ever be "tamed" to live indoors. At least in this neighborhood, he has plenty of places to hide out, lots of food, and people who are concerned about him. We get worried if no-one has seen him for a few days, but so far, he's always turned up again. A pretty brutal life for him, though.


try typing "www." after your http:// and before you type in the rest of the link and see if that works. I'm not very good at linking either