Rescue Journal

thx everyone for covering for me so i could go to my grandson's birthday party!

Carol  ·  Oct. 18, 2014

he had so much fun!!

everyone was fine when i got home. the barn guys were a wee bit impatient because their dinner was late but they coped.

unfortunately murphy's home check yielded a no go...nice senior folks..and nicole said a very good home but the number of stairs for him to get in and out with his arthritis would just set both he and them up to fail. they might do better with a bit less of a senior dog that can be carried if the stairs become too hard...murph is about 85 pounds..that is a big load for seniors themselves to try to carry.

blueberry and jack are totally in love...very happy budgies! YAY!!

donatello says he misses dionne and i am stupid...he hasn't been too thrilled with what i have tried to feed him....there are so many turtle dietary choices there, how am i supposed to know???

apparently chevy knocked gilbert down to the ground today...that kind of pisses me off. gilbert is a frail old goat and chevy should be more careful around him. speaking of chevy..i just noticed today that he has significant;y grown since he has come our way. i remember back to a year ago when a little dwarfed 3 year old steer showed up...about the size of a yearling. here he is a year tall as joy is...but not quite so wide. now he looks like a normal just slightly on the smaller size, jersey steer. hmmm...maybe someone wasn't getting fed all that well to be so undersized before? whatever..he looks really good and healthy now.

all of the recent new guys have settled in well..that is a relief. new intakes put a lot of extra stress on all of us as they learn to adjust to being here...all of the new people and animals and wrapping their heads around our routines.

well i better get off my butt and pop my laundry in so i don't have to do it tomorrow!!



Donatello doesn't always eat for me either, I give him a little of everything. Probably not the way to do it, I will be purchasing a Turtle for dummies book today.