Rescue Journal

ok..i am home from another afternoon shift but it is late so only a couple of really quick updates....

Carol  ·  Oct. 21, 2014

but first...thank you so much lynne for coming out and staying with our guys this evening so not only were they all safe and monitered, but they were not lonely with me gone for the night!

two new saints in today....

marcus is a lovely middle aged cat who has had a pretty tough life. he came to saints as a result of a cruelty/neglect seizure. we are hoping he really enjoys the changed circumstances in his new and improved life. the staff say that marcus is a true little love bug.

katy has arrived..our new very senior horse. her birth date is 1978 so that makes her thirty-six years old! she is in pretty good body shape considering her advanced age...but she definitely has some major dental problems, she has a very large and hard mass on the right side of her face. she is currently in boarding because we have no more room for her at saints. the vet will meet me at the stable tomorrow to give her a really good check. she also needs to see the ferrier pretty soon, her feet are overgrown and need some TLC too. i only got to spend a few minutes with her on my dinner break from work...but she already seems pretty settled so i think this transition will go smoothly for her.

ok..that is it the sainted ones are all wanting some attention again.