Rescue Journal

halloween updates

Carol  ·  Oct. 31, 2014

agne's vet recheck went well..her skin is so much better. while she still needs a few more weeks of oral antibiotics and antifungals...we can reduce her steriods/antihistamines to every other day and her baths down to three times a week. i can book her in for her surgeries now..the mass on her foot is the biggest concern plus she still needs her spay surgery. i will look at my schedule over the next couple of weeks and get her in. i really love this very sweet homely little dog.

gilligan is doing ok with his cone and confinement but still 2 whole weeks until his suture removal seems like a very long time. his blood work is back..kidneys ok, urine concentration improving, anemia is not. back for follow up blood work in a couple of weeks after i feed him some liver (yuck) for a while.

teek will have an untrasound next tuesday to see what can be done for urine leaking...our vet says she will have to go to can-west if surgical repair turns out to be an option. ouch..that vet bill will really will most likely be many thousands of dollars.

tina from the stable called with an update on katy...she is eating well now and doing just fine. she had her first ferrier visit yesterday so i bet her feet are feeling better now too.

shep is back with us for a while...he hasn't been doing well and we are trying to figure oiut why. he has lost almost 10 pounds recently and tonight he has started vomiting.

max-cat while fighting off a cold, is settling in well with dawn, she says he is quite the character. so glad this very old boy has found a very great home.

we had the vets out yesterday to do zorro's de-horning...he just had tiny little buds forming and kevin said with the freezing and sedation, zorro managed it all really well. i almost decided not to do it but with elderly and frail sheep sometimes here, a horned/head butting strong and young active sheep at some point might not go over really well. better to get it done while he is still young so in the future he will never have to be removed and segregated from the rest of his friends.

oscar the grouch makes me laugh. when i brought agne's home from the vet he was barking and snarling at the window kicking his feet in fearsome bulldog ass kicking rage. he is such a funny little angry dog.

tia has eaten several more keys off of my keyboard...soon typing full words may become a problem.

i am also starting to really like little black buddy...he is a total chaos causing dipstick but somehow he is also kind of endearing and charming.

those damn bad cats in the mp communal room murdered a little bird in their pen. dionne thinks one hopped into the outside run thru the wire and the little bastards grabbed and killed her there.

i think that is all of the updates, fingers crossed for a ton of pissing down rain tonight so the fireworks won't go off.