Rescue Journal

broken hearts

Carol  ·  Nov. 2, 2014

i got home right at barn bedtime, was on my own again tonight which was fine except i forgot the new old dog was coming tonight. they had to wait while i finished everything up so i could stay in the house with her.

brandi is a sixteen year old border collie cross...her owners had contacted me a while back, they were downsizing and had bought a new condo and were told brandi could come with them but then apparently due to her size after they bought, they were told that she couldn't. this weekend was moving weekend and for brandi that really sucks.

brandi is a super nice dog...she is upset and keeps taking her leash off the counter and handing it to is breaking my heart watching her heart break in half.

the dogs that come from the pounds and shelters have generally had a not so great life so coming to saints is not such a horrible thing, most times it is much better than where they originally came from and they are happy to come here. but dogs coming from good homes know they do not belong here..they know they just got left behind. they think a terrible mistake has been made and they want me to fix it...right away.

how can i tell them i can't?

this is the worst thing about rescue, participating in breaking their hearts...i should have just said no.


Carol A.

I am sitting here with tears in my eyes. We lost our Buddy at age 18. She was stunning and cleaver and sweet, 7 years gone and I still greive my girl She was a small border cross. Our Mac is now 12 and about 99% border collie. We adopted him at age 5 from EHS and he was going crazy in the shelter. He was so depressed he was placed in and out of foster while he waited for a home.
I really feel for little Brandi. You are right. she should not be there. Too bad her old mom didn't get the okay in writing before they bought the condo maybe they would have made a different choice or not. Hopefully Brandi's little head will figure it out quickly and be happy with you even if her little heart is broken. Maybe you can heal that too. I hope so.


I feel so bad for Brandi. It is too bad her owners didn't make absolutely sure that she would be allowed in their condo. Someone needs to be held accountable if they were told Brandi could reside with them. Perhaps the owners didn't make it clear their dog's description. Too bad they didn't show up with her before they closed the deal. I know most condos have a size and/or weight limit. I wonder what happens if your pet gains too much weight . I don't think I could move if I couldn't take my pet with me. Just a very sad situation for an old dog.


ahhh jerry...we are starting to talk about quality of life issues...he is starting to have some issues with confusion. so sad.


not your fault michelle, i was fine and they were fine with waiting.

Donna Brearley

I went on my twice yearly tour today and I must say that meeting Agnes was
amazing. She was friendly and made sure that she got her pats. What I nice gentle sweetheart of a dog.


I'm sorry Carol, of all days....btw how is Crosby? Been thinking about her and keep forgetting to ask.


Poor Brandi, that's so sad..... she must be so confused
On a happier note, we had lots of help in the house today (for a change), so after all the work was done, there was time for one on one walks - Mika, little Buddy, Thea , Robbie and Teek enjoyed walks with Adele and Victoria. Then, the MP guys got to go as well - and Max had a buggy ride. Also Sheila and Leila came and walked Tia, Gilligan, and Buddy. It was great to have the time and people to do this. Shep wanted to be outside today too, so spent more time out in the front yard.
Carol, Jerry seemed "off" today - kept wandering and couldn't settle anywhere in particular. He is looking so old and frail these days. Maybe he was looking for you.
- and I gotta say, I'm in love with Agnes...

another Doreen

Yes, it is so much harder taking dogs and cats from happy homes than from shelters. I've done it myself a few times and it is just heartbreaking for both the animals and their owners.
I hope Brandi adapts quickly or you find a good home or foster home for her soon.