Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Nov. 3, 2014

i had a really nice day with my family at the cabin..i made a big brunch breakfast and got to watch the grandkids play and play. they have such great little imaginative is fun to watch and utterly fascinating. parenting is definitely for the young tho...the amount of patience and positive energy required every day by parents to protect and guide their babes puts my whining about rescue exhaustion totally to shame.

leila came out to saints yesterday and worked with tia and gilligan to help them feel comfortable in a bigger world than saints. these young dogs need this to help them get ready for adoption. they are both incredibly great dogs in so many ways, it is just the world is so unnecessarily scary to them. leila has written up some stuff for us to help them, we will get it printed off and posted here so we can help find their way.

brandi did ok last night...a couple of anxious barking sessions that just needed some reassurence to help her not be so upset and afraid. so very hard on such an old girl to have her world turned upside down this way. here is the real hard thing about this...brandi has been a very good dog her whole life long..her ex-mom said she has never even once done a bad thing. so how can brandi not feel so very confused and bewildered...if she has always been good...why is she here now?
poor babe.

i am going to try to pop in a see katy today...have not seen her for a week. because i am on vacation, the only reason i have been in maple ridge is for vet runs and the dogs are stressed enough without making the trip even longer while i goof around making them wait even more in the car all alone. since tuesday is another vet run day..i better not put a visit to her off any longer.

i am trying to decide if and where, i should move crosby for the winter...she really is not looking very well lately so i do think that i do need to move her. the problem is the rabbit room is full this year so that space will not work and the shop is too dark and dreary for her. i need some of that imagination magic from my grandkids brains.

well i guess i better get my butt in is a brand new day.