Rescue Journal

i want a world of crystal clear waters so i can see what i am navigating thru

Carol  ·  Nov. 4, 2014

i do not like second guessing, i do not like reading minds, i do not like hearing one thing but seeing something entirely different, i do not like sorting thru seemingly irrelevent bits and pieces to discover the takes a lot of time and effort. but in this day and age of social media and politically feel good language use, it is absolutely necessary. we have evolved into a civilization that values the positive prettiness of words and not so much their bottom line truth.
we are more about public opinion and how we are perceived than we are about who we actually are and what we actually do.

honestly is just a parlor trick to get us to accept or believe whatever someone wants us to. the language of politics has become the norm in mainstream communication.

politicians use it, major corporations use it, the education and health care reformers use it, used car dealers use it and pretty much everyone around us uses it too. all of us try really hard to make something we want others to accept sound pretty damn good.

honor and integrity and truth have few places left in this world.

i am so sick of a world built to exist on lies. it is like a house of match sticks.

and it is our own fault because we live in fear. we are afraid of the truth, sometimes it is just too hard and uncompromising or inconvenient and so we want to have the wool pulled over our eyes and be reassured so we can live in a softer and gentler world.

well life is not soft and gentle. it is not particularly kind...especially if as an intact and healthy planet...we want to actually survive.

at some point we need to turn on our brains and start sifting thru and discovering the lies...the ones we tell about ourselves, the ones we tell about others, the ones that we let perpetuate and muddy up the waters of life.

living with truth honor and integrity may not be easy and it may not be fun but it sure as heck is better than living in stepford where nothing is real and you cannot trust anyone.

our problems are not because of some conspiracy theory, our problems exist because we have surrendered our ability to think critically and all of us pay a high price for choosing to particate in the perpetuation of only accepting something that sounds nice.

everyone wants to be the nice guy.

but the devil of lies that we can choose to know is far easier to fight.