Rescue Journal

so what has all of this to do with rescue?

Carol  ·  Nov. 4, 2014

well...lies are at the base of all rescue life.

we bred them, we bought them, we just had to have them and every single one of them got to live our fairy tale lies.

in the wake of the abuse of the chilliwack cows...the dairy industry is saturating facebook pages with happy tales of good family farms. what they still never show tho is cows out in a green field grazing. because god may have made cows to be free range grazers but man has decided that this is not only unimportant but it is not convenient to the industry.

in the wake of the CBC sex scandal, it was ok to turn a blind eye and hope for the best until victimized women actually step forward and make a big PR mess. now CBC staff are coming out with we are a family stories...well families look after each other, especially their vulnerable young women. real families do not take a step back and allow each other to be hurt.

so many sad, it's not our fault stories on why we just had to give up our pets. so many reasonable sounding stories on why our animals are not fixed. so many heart warming stories of dogs rescued from far away places while thousands die here. so many egos, heroes, villians and bastards surround everything in rescue.

animals disappear from the rescue pages because suddenly they were not who we thought they were so they had to be killed. we do not mourn them, we do not try to learn from them, we forget they even existed because someone else has caught our fickle attention for a new moment in time.

behind every homeless or abused or neglected animal...there is a lie.

when we stop lying and accepting those lies.... animals will not need to be rescued because we will insist that all animals are given a respectful, dignified, species appropriate and compassionate life.



very well said and still needs saying over and over and over...human race pretty much comprised of very slow learners.