Rescue Journal

i really think someone should make this for me...

Carol  ·  Nov. 5, 2014

chocolate pie



oh please don't fail...that thing looks amazing. but just bring me a piece and i will over the moon with that.


What if I'm not kidding? It will be in your fridge, unless it's a massive fail


another Doreen

Sometimes the Chilliwack Airport Coffee Shop has Chocolate Pecan Dream Pie. Like a decadent old-style cooked chocolate pudding with grated pecans and whipped cream on a crust.
One of my favourites when I need a decadent treat!


I will bring you one on Tuesday...i am spending the weekend looking after Otis who will be recovering from two cancer surgeries....least I can do since I won't be in on my normal Saturday!

laura b

Carol your sweet tooth will be satisfied ...but not till the end of the month.....I will get you to post advertising Saints bake sale as soon as I'm done the flyer :-)