Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Nov. 6, 2014

so the good news today is...
all four of claire's kittens have found great homes. they are not quite ready to leave yet, but in a couple of weeks once their neuters are done, they all have great homes to go to. claire will be staying with penny as a permanent foster... so happy for her too. claire has raised her last set of babes. this little family of cats actually had their dreams come true....this is really nice for us too.

andy is feeling a bit better today...yay. she is still at the vets for a while more tho.

brandi is settling in well.

the other good news is tilty head dog was claimed by his family today. it was thru a misunderstanding/miscommunication that they had been unable to find him until now but it is great he is home again tonight.

sadly the sick little old yorkie was euthanized today..her blood work came back and she was in the final stages of liver failure. it was far too late to ask her to make another big adjustment so near to the end of her life. my deep condolences to the AC is hard not to be able to save them all as hard as they try.

since tilty head is not coming in, surrey has asked us to take a different old and wrecked dog..he is an old unneutered great dane/mastiff cross and he is supposed to arrive sometime tomorrow. will update you more once he actually gets here.

there is no doubt that one of the biggest skills required in rescue is the ability to be flexible. things can change in countless ways in the sheer blink of an eye. rescuers are like girl scouts...always be prepared....and have lots of good cookies to share.



Ahh, Jed, he was so big and silly. That's it. I was trying to picture a mix of shamus and bill to see if I was just mixing the two together in my head to one dog.


Nicole when I saw the dane/mastiff mix, I thought of you...too funny.


perhaps I missed them but I only saw photos of Claire's babies when they were brand new. if possible, could we please see them again before they go?


i saw the dane's picture on their fb page, he reminds me of a previous saints dog but i can't figure out who I'm thinking of.