Rescue Journal

heads up to house volunteers this weekend...

Carol  ·  Nov. 7, 2014

new dog in.

moose is a very large UNNEUTERED emaciated great dane cross. we can assume because of his starvation that he will have food issues over canned food. so please be careful feeding canned food in his vicinty...maybe put him out in the run until feeding is done. and watch your hands and fingers..he has a very big and very fast mouth. also capone hates him so do not send him out to the barn. he is in the computer room for now. moose has a very big bark so do not be overly startled..he is not aggressive at all.
also, we moved murphy out into the kitchen, he is getting stressed with mika. but watch murphy during canned food feeding too because he, dixie and robbie, all being food freaks, may have issues.

i will be at work..but any questions or concerns, please call me.



i can't wait to find out more about Moose.

i saw a video recently of a pair of Great Danes (well-loved by their owners). one was pitching a fit because the other was getting loves over him... even flipping on his side, grumbling, like a wailing pre-teen.

i know this isn't Moose's story... these two (Dinky and Ro-Ro) are not emaciated, but what will be which Moose will soon be.
i'll post the video on the Facebook page.


Leila was excited to see this post cuz she wanted you to mention how I screamed like a girly girl when Capone tried to jump Moose.